Recruiting Volunteers

The Spiritual Family members are people from within your church or parachurch organization who fit this general profile:

  • Able to maintain relationship with the Neighbor in Need and other Spiritual Family members
  • Commit to be faithful in attendance (2 meetings a month for a year)
  • Have a willingness to love others and allow others to love them
  • Avoid a compulsion to “fix others” or unilaterally solve problems
  • Committed to Christ Jesus
  • Be quick to pray and trust God, believing in the power of prayer and God’s transforming love
  • Be willing to share openly with others in the group — both advice based upon acquired skills and Biblical understanding, as well as personal hurts, needs, or experiences that may be related or appropriate to share with the group
  • Have some degree of experience and ability related to the challenges facing the Neighbor in Need — but most of all, EMPATHY with the Neighbor in Need
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all things discussed at Spiritual Family meetings
  • Those seeking a spiritual growth experience