Identifying Neighbors in Need

Stand in the Gap Ministries is focused on bringing about real life change or transformation and is focused on addressing root cause issues, not surface level symptoms or temporary, short-term fixes.

In order to qualify perspective clients (neighbors), SITGM worked with Baylor University to develop an assessment tool to help identify people who are ready for a hand up, and not a hand out. The tool is used to assess the readiness of each perspective client or “neighbor” and is an important part in the formation of each family.

3 Key Questions for an SITGM Neighbor:

  1. Is God active in your life?  (recommended reading: Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby)
  2. Are you embracing God’s overtures towards you?
  3. Are you truly ready to be healed – to take responsibility for your life, acknowledge need, ask for and receive help?   (Our friends in Alcoholics Anonymous put it this way: I can’t, He can, and I’m going to let Him.)